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Where's the bar? The Bank! 

The Project played a show in Pheba, Mississippi, this past weekend. Pheba (fee-bee) is a small community just west of West Point on Highway 50. I say small, but that really doesn't describe it correctly. Foosh and I blinked our eyes and had passed completely through the bustling metropolis before we knew it.
"Uh, I bet that's the sign saying 'Pheba' when you're coming from the other direction...Yup, that's the sign saying 'Pheba' when you're coming from the other direction!"
"Damn, guess he meant theRead more

I Will, As Soon As A Commercial Comes On! 

I have no use for TV. 
Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a good movie on occasion, but having access to 300+ stations on a daily basis, nope, care nothing for it. 
My biggest complaint about television? Commercials. Yup, I said it. I work in the marketing field (day gig) and I HATE the advertising. It's gotten out of control. Too much information packed into much too little time per commercial. AND THEY WON'T STOP HOLLARIN' AT ME!
My second biggest complaint about television? News. They don't focus… Read more

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Super Stoopid! 

In this second installment in the "Memoirs Of A Teen-Aged Idiot" series, I want to tell you about this one time, at band camp...
Just kidding. I didn't go to band camp. I have, however, made my fair share of stupid decisions.
Let's rewind back to 1993. I was still in the band I started out of high school, Little Dreamer, but we were on our second singer by this time. Johnny quit to go back to school and Anthony "Tree" Rollins (rest in peace) was singing with us. Tree was known by everyone for being… Read more

And It Was Her Worst Date Ever! 

I moved to the Memphis-area, Walls, MS, to be exact, in July, 2003. I remember the date vividly: I had spent the last two years driving to Memphis three days a week for school, and I moved to the area the day before my graduation on July 11, 2003. Perfect timing, I know!
The following October, an old friend and past bandmate, Chris Wages, called to say he and his fiancé were coming to town for the evening and wanted to get together and maybe go to Beale St. I hadn't had the opportunity to go since I… Read more

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (AND First Video Blog!) 

I have a Private Party this Friday, August 29, 2014, at Jugtown Grill in beautiful downtown Aberdeen, MS, for the Aberdeen High School Classes of 1973-74 Class Reunion. I will be donating my share of the proceeds from this show to
I challenge YOU to click the link below and donate to ALS Research.
Donate Now at

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