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Tips For Being a Lady's Man #21 

Give your lady friends pet names, names only you call them. And I'm talking names deeper than just "baby" or "honey." Put a little thought into it. Enough time around a lady will reveal something about her that strikes you and you can use this as inspiration for the name. I have one friend I call "Sunshine" simply because she is always in a perky mood, even early in the mornings, and she has even told me that hearing me call her that always makes her day just a little better. And don't get caught calling… Read more

The Next 42 Years 

So, tomorrow will be the last day I will ever be 41 years old. Man, there was so many things I intended to have accomplished by this time in my life!

When I was 14 years old, I knew exactly what I wanted to be: I wanted to be a Rock Star! I had my Kramer guitars with the Floyd Rose Systems on them. I got the expensive guitar straps with the parachute clips to I could sling my guitar around my body like the guys in Cinderella. And, yes, I had the Spandex (pictures surface from time to time)!

I started my first… Read more

Facebook Band Pages 

Lately, I have been inundated with requests to "Like my page" on Facebook. I get it, you want numbers for people to see and maybe, JUST MAYBE, one of the someones will be someone important, and will help you launch your career. We all have had the same thoughts, gone through the same motions, so none of us can fault you.

What I've been seeing lately, though, is beginning to drive me nuckin' futz! People are jumping the gun, trying to get numbers before they even have content. They quickly click the "Create a… Read more

Memoirs Of a Teen-Aged Idiot! 

Went to visit an old high school friend the other day. It's been a while since we've sat and caught up with each other; most times we just see each other in passing and don't get to sit and reminisce, but we had a good visit. We talked about some of the crazy stuff we used to do as high school kids, some of which we probably shouldn't have survived.

I grew up south of Tupelo just off Highway 6 in a little community called Union/City Point. I don't guess anyone ever really decided what they wanted to name the… Read more

The Number Are Thru the Roof! 

It's been a crazy few weeks. Things have been coming at me so fast, I haven't really had a chance to do much more than just acknowledge them, so in the spirit of giving everyone a little justice, here we go.

I've been playing solo acoustic at this cool little place in Aberdeen called Jugtown Grill. It's got a really cool vibe about it, and I have met some of the greatest people already. Coincidentally (shameless plug), I'll be back at Jugtown Saturday, August 2nd, so if you're looking for something to do,… Read more

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